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Earth to Ether 200hr Teacher Training

Earth to Ether offers a unique and comprehensive vinyasa yoga teacher training program, drawing upon more than two decades of extensive exploration, study, practice, and teaching. This meticulously structured training integrates fundamental aspects essential for aspiring yoga teachers, you will explore both core teachings as well as specialised topics that are rooted in Michelle's distinctive style and shamanic training.

Designed to transcend the conventional 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) programs, Earth to Ether YTT challenges participants to exceed their perceived boundaries. Under Michelle's compassionate guidance, students embark on a transformative journey, delving into the depths of yoga while cultivating an understanding of our true nature. The training empowers participants not only to deepen their personal practice but also equips them with the essential skills and knowledge to transmit this wisdom effectively in a classroom setting.

Earth to Ether explores the philosophical underpinnings of the yoga tradition, how to incorporate therapeutic applications of yoga techniques, and Earth-based wisdom practices to support students on their journey. Additionally, the training covers teaching methodology, practical skills, and groundbreaking insights from fascia research, revolutionizing the conventional approach to yoga instruction.

This training will provide a firm foundation that spans intellectual, experiential, and practical components, allowing the space for yoga practitioners to cultivate confidence and authenticity in both their personal practice and their ability to guide others towards connection and intimacy with all aspects of life - on and off the mat.


  • Asana, Pranayama and Meditation

  • Yoga history and philosophy (with a look at some key texts & debunking some of the “common” historical and philosophical teachings in most modern YTT)

  • Anatomy, adjustments and alignment

  • Ayurveda basics (including doshas and sequencing for doshas)

  • Subtle anatomy (including cakras, vayus, mudras, bandhas and energy body theory) 

  • Biotensegrity - how to teach and move to align with the body’s natural distribution and joint movement

  • Spiral anatomy - getting out of the modern postural yoga linearity

  • Sequencing (basic sequencing and creative sequencing)

  • How to have a trauma-sensitive approach to teaching

  • Yoga and social justice 

  • Mindfulness in the yoga space

  • Mantra and naad 

  • Living the yoga - how to take the practices off the mat

  • International guest lecturers

Cost: R28,000 early bird (paid in full before 5 Jan 2024)

R30,000 full rate * payment plans are available

For bookings, contact


Living Yoga, Parkwood, Johannesburg, South Africa

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