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Hi I am Michelle. Originally from South Africa I have had a passion and dedicated practice in yogic forms, herbalism and healing arts since my early teens.

I believe in the power of movement as medicine. I believe in the wisdom of nature and the healing truth present in the natural world. I believe that through our connection to our bodies and natural environment, deep healing and passion can emerge, and it is with this approach that I seek to share my love with the world. 

My teaching and practice is inspired at the intersection where movement, music, nature and discernment meet. Sometimes it is more movement than discernment, sometimes it is more music than movement, sometimes nature wisdom prevails however the common thread is a deep love and interest in how our bodies can be used as a vessel in our environment to access and experience our inner truth. I have a deep passion and path of service to honoring healing through various modalities I have been immersed in for the past two decades. 


- Group vinyasa classes 

- 1:1 sessions (yoganidra, asana, meditation)

-Ancestral Lineage Healing

- Yoga therapy sessions

- 1:1 healing sessions 

- 1:1 herbal consults for well being and vitality

- 1:1 breathwork and group breathwork sessions

- 1:1 mentorship sessions (designed per clients requirements)

- 1:1 and group plant healing experiences

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