Hello and welcome to the  Many Moons Yoga site, my name is Michelle van Straaten and I am a dedicated yoga practitioner, teacher and movement mentor


up and coming retreats

  • Yoga Therapy and health consult Sessions
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Yoga Therapy uses yogic techniques and somatic approaches to help clients handle a wide range of dis-ease whether that be mental health, physical or energetic health. Health consults will offer herbal support and meditations based on the clients needs. Sessions can be online or in person.

yoga styles I am known for


Fluid Flow


Mandala™ Flow




Guided Meditations


Yoga with Michelle is profoundly beautiful. She facilitates a delicious, dance-like physical practice – a richly creative tapestry of movement practices and an invitation to a conscious experience of asana, articulation of movement, transition, integration and breath. This exquisite, embodied practice is steeped in a well of personal experience, learning, shamanic wisdom and a journey of discovery that permeates and deeply enriches her teaching. In this, Michelle creates and holds the space for exploring, for uncovering more of the mysteries of self and life. I am forever grateful for this unexpected gift and inspiration.

 Mari-Louise van der Walt